Star-Studded Brunch Fashion Pakistan Week 2016

Fashion Pakistan Week Festive/Winter 2016 is the talk of the town. The show is on for three days from 30th October to 1st November. Today, prior to the commencement of Day 1, a star-studded Fashion Pakistan Week Brunch was hosted by Movements. Movements is a Swiss watch boutique situated at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. A number of huge names from fashion, TV and film industry attended the event. Some of which are:

Deepak Perwani at Fashion Pakistan Week Brunch

Deepak is a well-known name of Pakistan fashion industry and the spokesperson for Fashion Pakistan Council attended the well-hosted brunch for Fashion Pakistan Week celebrities.

Deepak Perwani Fashion Pakistan Week Brunch


Maheen Khan at Fashion Pakistan Week Brunch

The award winning costume designer, Maheen Khan was also captured at the Fashion Pakistan Week brunch, this morning.



Yasir Hussain Fashion Pakistan Week

The Karachi Se Lahore limelight stealer Yasir Hussain, too, came for the brunch in Fashion Pakistan Week 2016. Don’t forget that the sequel to his last movie and the one with his lead Lahore Se Aagay releases in a month.



Frieha Altaf

The very famous-for-her-work Frieha Altaf made it to the Brunch held earlier this noon in her casual style.


Tapu Javeri

The fashion niche photographer, Tapu Javeri attended the brunch for Fashion Pakistan Week celebrities and was spotted enjoying the ambience.



Nomi Ansari

One of the top exquisites of Pakistan Fashion Industry, Nomi Ansari was also seen in the pictures of the Fashion Pakistan Week Brunch, today.


Javed Shaikh

Ever-green Javed Sheikh was dotted at the venue in his usual heroic get-up, looking handsome as ever.


Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza

The couple Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza makes it to all the events despite work and family, in all ease and looking yet chic. Both enjoyed their Sunday brunch with other stars.

Fahad and Sarwat Gilani at Brunch Fashion Pakistan Week

Nina Kashif

An inspiration to all domestic ladies, Nina Kashif attended the brunch for Fashion Pakistan Week in all muse and light.


Tabesh Khoja

Tabesh Khoja of Nabila’s also made it to the Fashion Pakistan Week Brunch and was captured by the camera, having fun in the company of huge stars.


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