Sonu Sood continues to extend help to needy people, After Ramazan donations

Be it donating to various charities, offering his Juhu hotel to healthcare providers or feeding 25,000 migrants during Ramzan, actor Sonu Sood has been adamant on helping those in need.

He took this a step ahead on Monday by arranging 10 buses for 350 migrant workers so they could go back home in Karnataka.

“People say they don’t know how to help but it’s possible in so many ways. Every time I went out to get ration, I would see hundreds of people… children, old people, young men and women… carrying heavy loads, walking down the street to get back home. Since then, I’ve been trying to send these people home,” Hindustan Times quoted the 46-year-old as saying.


Sood coordinated with police and the government to fulfil the task. It was also essential to ensure the workers were not from red zones and their health checkups were done too. Food was provided for them and the Happy New Year star plans to send 10 buses to different states every few days. “I can’t see people sleep on empty stomachs while we’re baking cakes at home. Every morning, I send trucks of fruits and refreshments for these people,” he revealed.

“Thinking about what these people are going through while I’m in the comforts of my home gives me sleepless nights.”

Sood wants to help as many people as possible until the pandemic is over. “This is my duty; I won’t rest till I can help these people.”

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