Social Media Shows her Anger Out At Faryal Mehmood For Fat-Shaming Hareem Farooq

Recently, Faryal Mehmood, a Pakistani actress, used to be considered fat-shaming Hareem Farooq on a television show. While answering a question asked via the host – one that in no way known as for any form of attack – Faryal ended up asserting that Hareem is too fats to in shape in a car!

Contextually, the host of the show requested Faryal that if she used to be going to an award show and had to take 4 actresses with her, who would she choose?

The choices were Sajal Aly, Mehwish Hayat, Saba Qamar, Hareem Farooq, and Mahira Khan. Faryal Mehmood stated that she won’t take Hareem Farooq with her due to the fact she won’t be in a position to healthy in the car. In Faryal’s words, ‘Haan, woh in shape nahe aye ge.’

While the world moves toward a greater body-positive outlook, for Faryal to spew this fat-shaming rhetoric is simply undeniable absurd and uncalled for. It’s in no way been funny to fat-shame people. In fact, for humans on the receiving end, it’s straight-up traumatic. Taking to a TV show and fat-shaming some other lead actress without a semblance of remorseful about or regret is the sort of attitude that we want to leave behind in the past.

It’s mainly ironic when celebrities raise a hue and cry about bullying, however hypocritically lift out the same, that too, in such a public manner. Obviously, this hasn’t long past down properly with people, who are calling out Faryal Mehmood for fat-shaming Hareem Farooq.

People criticized the actress and stated that she used to be spewing hate without any reason

A few even reminded the actress of her pre-transformation model and mentioned that it’s unhappy to see women bringing every other down Let’s additionally point out here that fighting fireplace with hearth is surely useless as well.


They sincerely mentioned that it’s not funny to fats disgrace any individual People even asserted that it was once a mere attention-seeking stunt on Faryal’s part.  They went on to argue that interest seekers looking for self-esteem by attacking others by using bringing their physical appearances into question.

The attitude that encourages body-shaming has to honestly be left behind. In a world that’s unexpectedly trying to be more welcoming to all body types, this mentality on my own is what can in no way be welcome in our present-day society.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

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