Six Benefits Of Olive Oil

Every oil has some specific benefits, but there are some oils which can be universal. And one of them is Olive oil, it is used for almost everything starting from skin care to liver care. And in today’s  beauty article we will tell you about Six Benefits Of Olive Oil

Six Benefits Of Olive Oil

Below are the Six Benefits Of Olive Oil. 

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Reduce blackheads

The first benefit among the Six Benefits Of Olive Oil is; it helps in reducing blackheads. In case you have blackhead problem olive oil can be helpful. What you have to do is take some amount of olive oil on your palm and rub it between your palm so that it becomes lightly warm and then apply it on the effected areas. You can even apply it on your whole face, it really is good for your skin. Leave the oil on your face for two to three minutes and then gently scrub your face concentrating on the effected areas.

Olive oil as makeup remover

It is also a very good makeup remover. And this is the second benefit of olive oil in our list of Six Benefits Of Olive Oil. It will not only gently remove the makeup from your face, but will also moisturize your face. Removing makeup with olive oil, will also lessen damage caused by makeup on your skin. It will make your skin soft too.


Face packs

Another very good use of olive oil is; you can always add it into your face packs. This will help you make your face smooth and neat. You can add egg white and olive oil and then apply this over your face. You will be able to see the instant change. Your skin will become soft. You can also add olive oil and a table spoon of money, and some milk and apply the mask on your face.

Skin lotion

You can use it even as a skin lotion, rather then using a night cream apply olive oil on your skin and go a little massage. You will be able to see the difference in a week. It will make you skin cotton soft. It will also make your skin smooth. To exfoliate the dead and dry skin, mix the olive oil with sea salt and rub over the particular places where you have dead skin like knees, heels and elbows. It works as great exfoliator.

Dandruff treatment

The 6 benefit among the Six Benefits Of Olive Oil is; it is also used for dandruff treatment. It is been proven that if you use olive oil to your scalp regular, you dandruff is bound to get less. So, if you have some serious dandruff problem you should try using olive oil to get rid of it. Nothing only this olive oil work as an excellent conditioner for your hair.

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