Important Facts About Shapes Of Nails

As every person knows that nails shows or reflect the personality of an individual. The shape of nails completely tells the personality or characteristic of a person. In this post, we will discuss few shapes of nails that reflect the personality of person. These nails shapes will truly shows the personality of every person. Just read out the important facts.

1. Short Nails:

                     If person has short nails then he lacks patience. Basically, short nails shows that these people are weak from inner side. Moreover, those women who have short nails also show that they prefer cleanliness in their lives.

 2.      Long Nails:


                    Those people who have long nails they are normally serious and they give special attention to their tasks and getting incredible success in life. On the other hand, those women who have long nails they are more feminist and they have strong aesthetic sense. In additionally, women having long nails have less interest in their household chores.

 3.      Long And Bent Nails:

                                        Thirdly, those women who have long nails but bent in shape they are normally depressed and unhappy.

4.      Triangular Nails:

                            Those people who have triangular nails shapes they have strong and successful academic life. In other words, they are scholarly people. Moreover, sometimes people having triangular nails become lazy and also act carelessly.

Hence, these are the important and interesting facts about the shapes of nails. By reading this post, we are completely sure that every person will analyze his/her personality by looking at the nails shapes. On the other hand, some people may contradict the above mentioned facts. But these are only interesting facts about the shapes of nails.

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