How To Choose The Right Foundation for Your Skin?

Well the task of choosing the right and correct shade as well as type of foundation is a must for the side of every bride to flaunt a flawless face on her wedding day. It might be tricky sometimes to choose the ideal foundation that needs to be selected as according to your skin type.

Oily Skin

If in condition your skin already secretes enough oil, you should try avoiding oil-based foundations. Such foundations somehow lead to the bleeding of makeup and make your face look patchy. You can look for the oil-free or matte formulations for a flawless finish of makeup.

Dry Skin

For the dry skin you should choose the one that is complete rich with the moisturisers. Such foundations will definitely be helpful for you to cover all the flaws of your face while adding the much-needed moisture at the same time. If you want some light coverage, then the tinted moisturiser is the best bet for you.


Normal Skin


For such skin tone you can choose the one that range variously from tinted moisturiser to the mineralised bases. You can choose the one that suits as in accordance with the occasion and also the weather for the outdoor use.

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