Side Effects Of Using Senna Leaves

Do you know what the major side effects of using senna leaves are? Well there are majority of the people who are moving their steps to the natural treatments in making them healthy. Besides making the choice of the surgeries and body treatments now more and more people are moving to the herbs and other natural methods for treating the diseases and ailments! But these herbs do show the excellent results in just minimum time scale but at the same time they show some side effects as well.

Side Effects Of Using Senna Leaves

Side Effects Of Using Senna Leaves

What Are Senna Leaves?

Senna Leaves is known as one of the widely used herb all over the world. It has over 260 to 350 species that are available in the world. They are found in the forms of plants, herbs and trees as well. They are all opposite paired leaflets. It consists offive yellow petals and five sepals. Senna leaves are all used as the natural hair coloring agent. They make the hairs turn with a tinge of yellow, unlike the red of henna.

Main and 10 Basic Side Effects Of Senna Leaves:

1. Similarity With Drugs:

Inside senna leaves there are almost 200 drugs. If you are taking senna leaves then make sure that you are taking it in reasonable amount in order to avoid the danger of drugs. The appearance of drugs inside the senna leaves will going to reduce away the absorption of Vitamin K in the body.

2. Staining Of Urine:

Sometimes the consumption of the senna leaves can result into the discoloration of urine. It will going to turn urine into yellow brown color that can lead the person to face scared feeling.


3. Gastrointestinal Problems:

Senna leaves gives away the huge sum of problems of gastrointestinal discomfort as well. It can give rise to the problems of bloating, diarrhea, and gas.

4. Electrolyte Difference:

Senna leaves can even result into the dis equality of the electrolyte that can cause nausea, loss of fluids, rash, swelling of finger tips and weight loss.

5. Liver Damage:

Senna leaves are straight away connected with the liver so it can give rise to many liver problems. Itcan lead to the problems of kidney and liver damage.

6. Dehydration:

Senna leaves can give rise to the problems of the diarrhea, dehydration and loose tools.

7. Clubbing Of Fingers:

Clubbing of fingers is counted as one of the common problems of the senna leaves. It can give rise to the horrible kind of weight loss that takes the shape of finger clubbing.

8. Cathartic Colon:

Excessive intake of the senna leaves can cause the problem of anatomic alteration of the colon that even gives raise to the loss of haustral folds.

9. Useless For Weight Watchers:

Most of the people who want to carry out the diet they make the use of senna leaves as the protein aid. But in return it can cause to heart related problems as well.

10. Physiological Issues:

On the last extra amount of senna leaves can bring some health risks as well. It can slow down the potassium levels in the body.

Well these were the 10 main and prominent side effects or harms of senna leaves for the body. Be very careful while taking Senna leaves!

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