Shaan Is Once Again in Trouble for His Hate-Mongering Tweet!

Recently, we have seen many celebrities getting in hassle and growing controversies on social media. Every day, a new dispute comes ahead where a celeb angers his/her followers by using pronouncing something inappropriate. A few days back, the actor Yasir Hussain made a tasteless remark about the transgender community and acquired schooled through his followers. Similarly, the actor, Shaan Shahid has landed himself in bother this week.

After he tweeted a quote via the Muslim emperor, Salahuddin Ayubi, Shaan Shahid’s followers accused him of ‘inciting violence’. The quote read, “Kill the traitors before your enemies.”

This did not take a seat properly with many Twitter users. One of them responded and said, “What is the meaning of this tweet? Looks like an open incitement to violence. Extremely irresponsible and horrifying given the modern-day context.”

While some other refused to consider that this quote belonged to Salahuddin Ayubi. One consumer tried to make him see experience and recommended that he must take delivery of his mistake and there is nothing incorrect with it.

However, Shaan did no longer sit lower back and replied by way of saying, “It’s stated through Salhuddin Ayubi, now not by way of captain ayubi… pls, quit matching it with your very own conspiracy theory… so if I quote something you will paste it as a modern-day state of affairs opinion… it is not simply quoting history.”

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