Renowned actress Madeeha Gohar passes away today on Wednesday.

 Ajoka Theatre founder, playwright, actor and director of social theatre Madeeha Gohar passed away in Lahore on Wednesday morning after a prolonged battle with cancer.She was suffering from cancer from last few months and at-least she died due to cancer today .

Madeeha Gauhar A great performer.

Gauhar was born in 1956 in Karachi. After she obtained a Master of Arts degree in English literature, she moved to England where she obtained another master’s degree, in theater sciences at the University of London.

She worked in many Pakistani dramas.she was very famous for her serious acting.During her career, Madeeha performed all around the world and directed around three dozen stage plays which were also performed nationally and internationally, in countries such as India, Bangla desh.Iran and UK.

She brought theatre to Pakistan’s streets: Ajoka’s Madeeha Gauhar

Ms Gauhar founded Ajoka Theater in 1983. It specializes in social issues, doing theatre in public places and even on the street. The platform received a lot of appreciation from different countries of Asia and Europe.The late actor was a very well-known face within Lahore’s theatre circuit, considered by many as the first Pakistani woman to have introduced parallel theatre within the country, in 1984.Ms Gauhar founded Ajoka Theater in 1984. It specializes in social issues, doing theatre in public places and even on the street. The platform received a lot of appreciation from different countries of Asia and Europe



She has an artistic Family.

She was not only the one who worked in media.she married to a very famous TV director producer and writer Shahid Nadeem. Both the husband and wife were working in Ajoka for social issue.she was living a very happy married life .Her step daughter Sawera Nadeem also a very good talented and serious actress.

Her husband also heip her in establishing the Ajoka.Thy were working in not only in different cities of Pakistan but also in different countries like India and Bangle Desh.Her younger sister Faryal Guhar also a very famous T.v Actress.She worked in different plays .she was famous for her beauty but she got great fame after getting married to a talented handsome TV actor director and artist Jamal Shah but soon thy get separation .

Her Husband and other people’s comment about her Death.

Madeeha had been battling against cancer for the last three years but, as per her friends and family, her condition had worsened over the past two months. She passed away aged 62 and is survived by her two sons Nirvaan and Sarang.Madeeha’s husband and renowned writer, Shahid Mahmood told That. “Her death is a big loss not only for my family but for the whole nation. Madeeha was part of the theatre industry since a very young age and even did her masters in Theatre Direction from the University of London. She achieved many things throughout her career and I am very proud of her..Drama writer Asghar Nadeem Syed said, “Madeeha Gohar was a very brave lady. I have known her since she started Ajoka Theatre and have witnessed the struggles she faced because of our society.”

“Her death has proved to be very painful for us and I have no words. All I can say is that a legend has left us today.” Another Indian theater director Keval Dhaliwal stated, “Today is a sad day for us as the ambassador of peace between India and Pakistan is no more.”

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