Nabeel Zafar Issued a Court Notification to BOL Entertainment Channel

Actor and Producer Nabeel known for the famous sitcom Bulbulay have filed a legal case at BOL Entertainment for the notable salary. Nabeel had also stepped down as CEO of BOL Entertainment channel in the past in February.

Lately, in a press release, The host and actor has sued the channel against his top notch profits of PKR 194.02 million and additionally for the damages of PKR 100 million. His tips has stated the Court that BOL TV has indebted itself in tens of millions of rupees; Court has issued summons to the BOL.


Moreover, season two of Bulbulay is on its full swing and is airing these days on ARY Digital. Directed via Rana Rizwan, and written through Saba Hasan, it consists of famous sitcom stars Hina Dilpazeer, Mehmood Aslam and Ayesha Omar along with Nabeel in lead.

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