PrettyFit Mid Summer Collection 2013 For Men and Women

Prettyfit is one of the most famous foot wear and hand bag fashion brand of Chen One in Pakistan.Prettyfit is a fashion label who has established in year 2012 by Chen One.This brand has launched so many collection and here is an another Prettyfit mid summer collection 2013 for men and women has launched.

PReetyfit is a fashion label who has now introduced their menswear label named as Beetlebug.Preetyfit and Beetlebug has been mesmerizing men and women both since very past years ago.They have launched so many collection for every season and occasion.Prettyfit and Beetlebug offers casual wear to formal wear foot wears and hand bags for both.Recently, Preetyfit mid summer collection 2013 has launched.This collection has also consists of Beetlebug menswear collection 2013.This mid summer collection has launched for the event of Eid-Ul-FItr 2013.This eid collection has consists of slippers, sandals, handbags and office bags for both genders.The colors sue for this collection are bright such as red, yellow, blue, brown and etc etc.This is a collection which has consists of accessories for casual wear and formal wear both.Just wait a bit here and have a look at them here below..

Prettyfit Mid Summer Collection 2013 For Men and Women.

Preetyfit and Beetlebug Accessories 2013.

PrettyFit Mid Summer Collection 2013 For Men and Women 004

Complete Collection.


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