Perfect Colors For Winter 2011-12, For Women

Confused about what to wear this winter? Here are some tips of the latest fashion trends for women;
Wear dark and bright colors as dark colors absorb heat making you feel warm in winter season.
Wear colors like;

Color tones for winter 2011-12
Red is all time favorite for a woman, red looks good on every season but it has its special charm in winter season. Red color gives you a feeling of tenderness, love and beauty. Wear Red color in winter with contrasting colors like black, white, pink etc. whatever you like. Red Sweaters look eye catching and attractive especially when you wear it with western dresses

Stunning Red Coat for Winter 2011-12
The color black itself is Bold which is perfect for winter season. Wear black with complementary colors like white, Red, Purple etc. black upper or black coats look classy on every woman regardless of her color complexion


Perfect black top for winter 2011-12
The color itself is known as Royal. Blue color is always “in” because of its especial charm and beauty. The color itself provides a silky and smooth look. Try wearing blue sweaters, trousers and stoles this winter

Trendy Blue top for girls
Cadbury purple or dark purple looks really good in every season but since the color is a bright one, it is perfect for winter season.  Wear purple upper with black jeans. This will look sophisticated. Purple shoes also look ideal


Cad-bury Purple, the best of all colors

The color itself says its benefit, HOT pink. Since the color is bright, it will make you feel warm and trendy as well. This color itself is very stunning. Hot pink pants/ trousers with black or white upper is just the right choice for winter

Perfect shoes for winter

Hot pink top for women

Rust color looks perfect when used creatively. Rust colored coats and stoles looks dazzling in winters. Rust color contrasts best with maroon, brown, black etc.

Winter wear for women
Dark green color gives a feeling of warmness, safety and comfort. Dark green kurti looks perfect with black skinny jeans or churidaar pants.

Dark green upper for women

winter wear 2011-12

Few other colors which you can try this winter are Maroon, Dark grey, Olive color, Magenta, Copper etc. Girls, winter is just about to come, try these colors out, you’ll love them for sure 🙂


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