Palwasha Yousuf age, pictures and profile

Palwasha Yousuf, I doubt anyone doesn’t know about her. She is counted as one of the most famous, liked and beautiful actress of Pakistani Industry. She is not only a outstanding actress but also an extraordinary model. She is considered to be one of the leading actress of Pakistani Television industry and also a well sorted after model of Pakistani Fashion world. Her innate talent for acting and passion for her work are the factors behind her success, her being beautiful is like a cherry on top of a cake. Also, she is considered to be one of the best VJ’s on MTVpalwasha yousuf age, pictures and profile

Personal Life Of Palwasha Yousuf

Palwasha Yousuf, some of us might be familar with her other name i.e. Palwasha Khan, was born on November 17, 1986 in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. She was born into a Muslim family. Her connection to industry are not limited only to herself, but her siblings i.e. her sisters are also working not only on the Television but are also very famous models. Alishba Yousuf and Syra Yousuf are well recognized and do not need any introduction. During an interview when Palwasha was asked about the reason behind her joining the showbiz, she said

I was inspired by my sisters, they had made their mark and place in the industry and thus i wanted to follow in their foot steps.

Her mother is from Afghanistan and father from Pakistan. During an interview when Palwasha was asked how does she feel about her mother’s native country ? she said

I really like it, i guess because i have heard a alot about it, about its culture and all. I am fascinated about her country !!! 

Professional Life Of Palwasha Yousuf

This beautiful Pakistani actress, model started her career as a VJ on a very famous Pakistani channel MTV. While she was working as an VJ, she started her career as a model too. She is not only a successful VJ, but also a very successful model and now a very successful actress. While she was hosting the shows on MTV and doing modeling, she made her first appearance in Pakistani Television industry in the drama “Girl Power” which was aired on PTV , and it was a big success. After that Palwasha got many different offer’s. Another one of her major work was in a reality show Desi Kuriyan, in the year 2008. It was on aired on ARY DIGITAL. In this show Palwasha was working along with her sister Alisbha Yousuf.

This beautiful, dazzling and wonderful actress, model and VJ took a break form Pakistani Industry due to her illness. She had cancer, due to which she had to leave the industry for some time. But now that she has recovered from her illness, she is back into business  And i am sure many of her fans would have missed her and are looking forward to see her again on the small picture. This 26 years old Pakistani female model, actress fans following is not limited to nation wide but also internationally. And i guess many of her fans must have prayed for her health. We wish Palwasha all the best for her future life.




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