Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

The year has gone by. To sum up, we bring you the list of Pakistani Celebrity Marriages in 2016. These marriages of Pakistani celebrities kept the fans thrilled, shocked and amused for a long time.

  • Sanam Jung and Qassam Jafri- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

The most- loved morning show host Sanam Jung tied the knot with an aviator. Sanam and Qassam Jafri got married in January 2016 in a multi-event wedding. The two are now blessed with a baby girl named Alaya Jafri.

Sanam Jung and Qassam Jafri- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

  • Furqan Qureshi and Sabrina naqvi

Furqan Qureshi and Sabrina Naqvi signed their Nikahnama in September. The couple got married on New Year’s Eve. Both the events were kept away from a lot of hype.

Furqan Qureshi and Sabrina Naqvi- Pakistani celebrities Married in 2016

  • Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

Yasra Rizvi married one of her producers, Abdul Hadi. After an engagement announcement, the two got married at a small family event. The ceremony was kept simple and so was the couple.

Yasra Rizvi - Celebrity Marriages in 2016


  • Muhammad Amir and Nargis Malik

The controversial cricketer got married the last year in September. Muhammad Amir and Nargis Malik had been Nikahfied for about two years. The couple was recently spotted in Australia.

Muhammad Amir- Pakistani Celebrities Marriages in 2016

  • Nouman Javaid and Jana Malik- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

After a lot of suicidal drama, Singer Nouman Javaid got hitched to actress Jana Malik. Both of them look totally in love.

Nouman Javaid and Jana Malik- Pakistani Celebrities Married in 2016


  • Mekaal Hassan and Rubya Chaudhry- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

The famous Pakistani musician Mekaal Hassan married actress and model Rubya Choudhary’s. This was a surprise for many. The ceremony was held on August 10.

Mekaal Hassan and Rubya Chaudhry- Celebrities Marriages in 2016

  • Fazeela Abbasi- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

Fazeela Abbasi is a renowned Pakistani dermatologist. She is sister of Hamza Ali Abbasi and also makes appearance as guest on TV shows. The pretty lady got into the second wedlock in 2016. It was a private ceremony held in Islamabad.

Fazeela Abbasi- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages in 2016

  • Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane had an extravagant wedding. Five functions were held with all the royalty. This is probably the most talked wedding of Pakistani showbiz.

Urwa and Farhan Saeed- Celebrity Marriages in 2016

  • Noman Habib and Asma

Actor Noman Habib married Asma at Badshahi Mosque, Lahore. A reception and mehndi were arranged for friends and family. The duo got hitched in December 2016.

Noman Habib- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages in 2016

  • Anum fayyaz and Asad Anwar- Pakistani Celebrity Marriages

Anum Fayyaz got married to Asad Anwar on November 26. It was a very private and simple ceremony. The couple performed Umrah post-wedding.

Anum Fayyaz- Pakistani Celebrities Married in 2016

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