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Nouman Javaid is a famous Pakistani singer and Music Director. He has written, composed and sung many songs in Pakistan and Bollywood as well. He is a big music lover who started his journey of success while following his passion for music. Check out Nouman Javaid Profile and pictures here and you will come to know about him and his some personal secrets.

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Nouman Javaid Profile:

Noman Javaid was born on October 28th 1982 in Lahore. He started his career from Bollywood movie ‘Jashnn’ in 2009 as singer and composer. He sang 2 songs in that movie ‘Dard-e-Tanhai’ and ‘Mein Chala’. Both songs got hit and Nouman got offer for Deol Family Venture ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ as a Music Director and gave hit like ‘Charha De Rang’.Famous Singer Nouman Javaid Profile And Pictures 02 copy
Nouman has also done play back singing under big banners in pakistan. He sang songs like ‘Meri Jaan’ , ‘Tere Bina’ , ‘Gham-e-Aashiqui’, ‘Saansein Gawah Hein’(OST for Drama serial Saans), ‘Meri Zindagi Hy Tu’ and others for many drama serials.Famous Singer Nouman Javaid Profile And Pictures 03 copy


Nouman Javaid is a kind person having positive thinking. He don’t want to compete with any of his era musician and singer but just want to serve for music and to give best music to listeners. He also listens all criticism by his fans and pays attention on that.


Secrets About Nouman Javaid Which You Don’t Know.

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There is always something behind every success. That could be anything from best wishes to disappointment and encouragement to demotion. But behind his success there is pain, sorrows and hurt.
Nouman Javaid’s heart has been broken many times. After that he concluded that he wants to live alone in his life with his passion. According to him woman is a mystery and he is in love with his loneliness and there is no place for any other in his life now.

Nouman Javaid Childhood Picture

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