Pakistani Actresses Who Love To Take Selfies

Taking selfies has become a popular trend in youngsters. Nowadays, new mobiles are specially designed with high quality front cameras like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy just for the purpose of taking selfies. According to latest researches and studies, people who take selfies have mental problems!

Here is the list of 5 Pakistani actresses who love to take selfies. Enjoy the selfie post here!

Pakistani Actresses Who Love To Take Selfies

Pakistani Actresses Who Love To Take Selfies

Sajal Ali

The famous Pakistani actress and one of the most expensive celebrity of Pakistan, Sajal Ali loves to take selfies. If you take a look at her social media profile then you can notice that she truly loves to take selfies. Here are some selfies of Sajal Ali taken from her social media profiles.

 Mawra Hussain

When we are talking about Pakistani actresses who love to take selfies then how can we forget to mention the name of gorgeous lady Mawra Hussain! She is truly an amazing actor and a crazy lover of selfies.

Urwa Hussain

People say that siblings have the same nature and here is the proof. Just like her sister Mawra Hussain, Urwa Hussain also loves to take selfies. Whether it’s a drama shoot or a picnic point, Urwa Hussain never miss the chance of taking selfies.


Sohai Ali Abro

Sohai Ali Abro has a hobby of taking selfies. Most of the times, she takes selfies in a pout style. She always impress us of her gorgeous style and fantastic beauty. Whether it’s a party or gathering with friends, Sohai Ali Abro never miss any selfie.

Sanam Chaudhry


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