List Of Celebrities Having Tattoos Featuring Their Ex Names

No matter whether any celebrity is in marriage relation or having a strong love relationship with anyone, putting tattoo on their bodies is becoming a latest trend to show your love. Most of the celebrities in the entertainment ground has featured the tattoos of their loved ones names and now when they are no longer together, they are feeling a regret over it. Let’s see which are those main celebrity stars!

List Of Celebrities Having Tattoos Featuring Their Ex Names


5. Sussanne Roshan:

As we all know that Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan has ended up with their marriage relation that was quite shocking news. Both of them had a tattoo on their body with the names of each other until they were married. But now as they are separated, still Hrithik has the tattoo inked below his wrist with his wife name. But Sussanne has eventually done the changes in the tattoo with the name of ‘Follow your sunshine’.

4. Deepika Padukone:

On the same list we have the name of Deepika Padukone who had done tattoo on the body with the name of Ranbhir Kapoor. Their relation was so strong and was the main talk of the town for so many years. Although it is over between them but still she has a tattoo of his name

3. Kaley Cuoco:



This celebrity star has made everyone crazy all through her wedding date tattooed on top of her back. But now she is feeling regret over it because her wedding life has all ended up and still she feels bad whenever she catches her tattoo and the wedding date over it. Now she has got her tattoo all covered with a moth tattoo.

2. Angelina Jolie:

This celebrity star from Hollywood has done so many of the tattoos on different parts of the body. But the most well known tattoo design on her body has been named after her ex husband named as Billy Bob Thorton. But now she has replaced the tattoo design with the names of the birth places of her children.

1. Amy Jackson:

On the last we have the name of Amy Jackson! In the start of the career this actress was in strong love relation with her co-star Prateik Babbar. She has underwent with the huge tattoo that was on top of her forearm which read ‘Mera Pyaar Mera Prateik’. But after getting end up with the relation, still she has the tattoo.

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