Osman Khalid Butt Opens his Silence on the Mard March Row!

The significance of advances in sexual orientation balance in Pakistan has been highly talked as of late. #AuratMarch a week ago broken many discriminatory limitations as the country saw a gigantic of turnover of ladies from all classes holding notices with messages to break generalizations and dispose of man controlled society. The walk saw individuals from the transgender network too. Aurat March appears to have activated numerous men who accordingly have begun #MardMarch for evident reasons.

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Pakistani TV and film performing artist Osman Khalid Butt took a poke at all men who are supporting it:

His tweet read: “#MardMarch, in light of the fact that a few men get their underwear in a curve over ladies practicing their entitlement to stand up for one goddamn day. Gracious, did I say underwear? I mean fighter briefs. Masculine fighter briefs. So man, much goodness. Did their bulletins annoy you? It’s simply locker room talk”.

A twitter client, named Wardah Effendi, wasn’t satisfied with his position, siding the Aurat March: “Goodness please. There ought to be no disgrace to acknowledge that a significant number of the blurbs were appalling and immaterial. A man ought to be regarded. Each human ought to be”. She composed


To this, the Balu Mahi star reacted:

“Good, perhaps there ought to be no disgrace in getting out notices you discover hostile. There ought to be a little disgrace in sustaining into a bigger story that makes this walk and woman’s rights appear to be a liberal plague or an assault against men, against our social and good texture. Contd”

“Furthermore, this is among numerous other beautiful names. Truly, a basic hunt on Twitter is everything necessary to understand its repercussions. All things considered, I am sorry if my tweet outraged you”.

Shockingly, every one of the men couldn’t process the purpose of ‘Aurat March’ was countered with ‘Mard March’ that has landed them in hot waters.

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