Never Make These Blunders While Applying Lipstick! Stop it Now!

It is true, if you have applied lipstick correctly then your entire look will be changed in a flawless way. But most of the time girls make many blunders while applying a lipstick. Always remember that if you have applied lipstick correctly and properly then your entire look will be transformed in an appealing way. There is no harm to experiment with different lipstick shades and colors. But make sure to apply them on your lips properly.

You Apply Lipstick On Your Dry Lips

This is a blunder when you apply lipstick right over on your dry lips. Your lips should not be chapped if you want to apply lipstick on them. You can apply vaseline before you apply a lip shade.

You Apply a Mismatched Lip Liner

Your lipstick shade and your lipliner should match with each other. Girls make this common mistake of not matching their lipstick shade and their lip liner shade. These lip liners give a proper shape as well as structure to your lips. Mismatched lip liners ruin your lip look. Your lips look peculiar and much strange looking because of this mismatched lip liner.


You Use an Old Lipstick Shade


What is the point of using an old one lipstick shade? Never and ever use an expired lipstick shade. You will not get a good finishing on your lips if you are using an old and expired lip shade. Get a fresh lipstick shade piece for yourself.

You Does Not Set Your Lipstick

Setting and giving a final finishing to your lipstick is must for you. Set your lipstick shade on your lips as much as you can. Once you apply a lipstick, you can press your lips. You can also gently and smoothly dab your lips by using a tissue paper.

You Leave Out Lipstick Marks Right on Your Teeth:

The last common blunder which these girls usually make is that they leave out some of the marks of lipstick right on their teeth. It is a common problem. You have to be careful if you are applying lipstick. After setting your lipstick, you have to check your teeth that whether any lipstick mark is there or not.

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