Netizens Troll Madiha Imam Dressed in Mini Frock Triggers

Netizens Troll Madiha Imam Dressed in Mini Frock Triggers. Actress Madiha Imam has lately attended an event during which the Pakistani star decided to don an adorable pink mini frock. Even though Madiha looks stunning, social media users approached the situation with a ruthless viewpoint and have bashed the actress over being ‘underweight’.

The drama industry is bursting with talent and we’re glad to be witnessing a time, where our drama industry is progressing with not only amazing talent but quality content as well. Even though channels are in a competition with one another to bring out different content, its a healthy competition, and as a result, viewers have become spoilt for choices, with so much quality entertainment being available.

Netizens Troll Madiha Imam Dressed in Mini Frock Triggers

Madiha Imam And Mohib Mirza To Star In Next Serial ‘Koi Hay’.  That being said, there is one production house that has never let us down, when it comes to entertainment. Humayun Saeed’s and Shahzad Naseeb’s Six Sigma Plus, has awarded us with amazing dramas, the likes of Dillagi and Pyare-Afzal, and characters that we can never forget.

The showbiz star can be seen putting forward extremely friendly vibes during the event whereas the dress is also managing to suit the celebrity’s frame quite well.

However, netizens believe that Madiha Imam is immensely skinny and she needs to put on some weight. A social media user has put forward his/her concern regarding the actress not choosing to eat much whereas many have stooped very low and have left brutal remarks regarding the Pakistani star looking super lean.

Netizens Troll Madiha Imam Dressed in Mini Frock Triggers

As is the norm, netizens also seem to have a problem with the actress’ dress being quite bold and revealing. One has to remember that such negativity will never end up bringing about any kind of contentment. Also, if Madiha Imam chooses to keep herself looking this lean, it is totally her choice and bashing the actress for being ‘underweight’ shouldn’t be encouraged.

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