Fahad Mustafa Shut Down Hira Mani Statement on Jeeto Pakistan!

The VJ turned on-screen character Hira Mani is doing great in the Television Industry. She rose to popularity after her acting in ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ and is presently being acknowledged for her incredible acting in ‘Do Bol’.

She showed up on Jeeto Pakistan that is facilitated by Fahad Mustafa and airing on ARY Digital and is standing out as truly newsworthy from that point forward.  The story begins from the fragment in Jeeto Pakistan where individuals test their karmas and the diversion goes on by speculating the appropriate sum encased in a container. Hira was having an awful streak by making a ton of awful estimates in the round of chance when she censured her sexual orientation for her terrible execution.

Before the finish of the diversion, she said to her kindred challenger that “I figure we ought to tune in to the men. They are more intelligent than us. I figure we ought to go with his choice.” Her questionable yet seen by her fans as a misogynist proclamation has assumed control over Twitter by a tempest! Hira further included that “A lady can some of the time settle on terrible choices.”

The host Fahad Mustafa was fast enough to class Hira Mani over her dubious articulation and he answered “That isn’t the situation. Our nation’s ladies are more brilliant than men,” including: “My wide has constantly settled on the best choices.”

Individuals had a great deal to state on Twitter and this is the manner by which they reacted:


A portion of her fans additionally protected her by saying that she simply made the comment with regards to the amusement.

A few people have additionally raised the contention addressing how is it ‘NOT OK’ if Hira imagined that men are more intelligent than ladies when Fahad owned the expression that ladies are more brilliant than men!

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