Necklace for Girls – Fashion Jewellery for Ladies

Jewellery Plays an important role in girls dressing. Many top jewelers brands and fashion designers produce beautiful necklaces for girls, which females love to use. A necklace is the most important jewellery item for ladies. Whenever we look at someone wearing a necklace, we notice that necklace first of All. In short a Necklace is an item which captures attention of people. So its safe to say that no other jewelery item, whether its girl’s fashion jewellery or every-other kind of jewelery, Necklaces just cant be beat.

Designs of necklaces changes with the change of Seasons and Years. With the arrivals of Spring, Fall it changes according to the weather conditions and most commonly girls jewellery designs changes every year. Girls love to wear necklaces on special occasions like weddings, parties, family functions and on get-togethers.

Necklaces are girls most favourite Jewellery item, so if u want to give a gift to your girl on this valentine’s day, then its better to buy her a necklace on this Special day and make it more special for her.


Royal Diamond Necklace For Girls by Cartier

A few picks of most fashionable designs of necklaces for the year 2011

 Multicolor Sapphire And Diamond Necklace Set in White Gold

Multicolor sapphires   75.22 carats
Diamonds   8.61 carats
Set in 18K white gold

Diamond & Sapphire Necklace Fashion Jewellery For Ladies

1068 yellow and orange sapphires – 21.15 carats
527 white diamonds – 8.55 carats
1072 black diamonds – 19.35 carats
605 brown diamonds – 9.75 carats


Blue Sapphire Diamond Necklace For Girls

9 pieces heart shaped, 2 pieces oval shaped natural blue sapphire
Set in white gold


 Ruby & Diamond Necklace by Sara Taseer Shoaib

Rubies  35.75 carats
Diamonds  10.90 carats
Set in 18K white gold

 Madagascar Necklace Jewellery For Ladies

Inspired by the unspoiled beauty of Madagascar, this designer necklace lives up to its artistic personification. The deep red rubies cut in rugged shapes are raw and unpolished to offer a glimpse into their formation patterns. The use of gold leaves complement the strong stones, enhancing their robust shine, and making this a real object of art.

 Designer Rose Hana Necklace For Valentine’s Day

A ravishing creation inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese time honored art of flower arrangement. The graceful lines of the choker are defined by artfully crafted rose gold, while the flowers are represented by the floral shaped patterns topped with rectangular rose quartz, pear shaped pink tourmaline, round topaz and lucent pearls. Golden tassels drape in the centre to create sensuous motion when adorned while imparting a sense of continuity, reminiscent of trailing stalks or twigs of an Ikebana art piece.

Winter Forest Necklace – Perfect Gift For Valentine’s Day

The Winter Forest necklace is exquisite hand craftsmanship and intricate detailing using 18K white gold plated black. Embellished with diamonds, it creates a poetic sense of an enchanted forest in winter. A Perfect gift for your love on this Valentines’ Day.

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