Power Of Gemstones And Jewellery Designs For Girls And Boys

Gems have the unique power of attracting an individual by their brilliance and beauty. Gemstones are known for their ability to heal and empower. Whereas there many skeptics, one explanation may be that they are the most natural means of transmitting color waves to your body. They encourage the transmission of pure color if worn permanently, thus insuring a constant influence. Though patterns, emotions, beliefs – they are all made up of sheer energy. Gemstones are then, no exception to this fundamental law of the universe.

The energy emitting from the stone itself, may change the vibrations within the person wearing the stone to create a more harmonious union with the other energies produced and received by the body. Stones, like people, are individual and seem to carry their own personality, but most certainly exude unique character consistently can affect one’s emotional state of mind and mental energies. Over time, wearing a certain gemstone can induce lasting changes.


As the gem is worn it continuously vibrates at its own level, giving off its particular energy, and is absorbed into the aura of a person. The protection aspects of this auto then become stronger and more powerful, either through spectrum effects or radioactive effects. Selecting a gem to wear that is right for you should be chosen with one goal in mind – to increase your positive efficiency or to reduce negative deficiency. Some gemstones will help heal what ails you. Some will aid in clarity or concentration. Some are even good for business! It is important to match the stone you choose with the essence of who you are. Somme of the common stones you might want to consider wearing are :


Stone of spirituality and contentment, the amethyst bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace, the peace being the perfect peace which was present prior to birth.

Sterling Silver Amethyst Butterfly Pendant For Girls


For Domestic bliss, attraction, good things of life and curing diseases. Diamonds are good for actors and stage performer.

Diamond Ring For Men

Diamond Ring For Girls



The royal green emerald is attributed with prompting brainpower.

Emerald Picture

White Gold Emerald Ring For Girls

Yellow Sapphire

Known for it’s healing properties, the yellow Sapphire is also attributed with bringing the wearer success and honor!

Yellow Sapphire Ring For Girls

Blue Sapphire
It prevents fear and helps overcome depression. It influences financial matters and is associated with prosperity. It may not suit you so it is best to keep it under your pillow and assess your dream the next morning. It is recommended for lovers, bankers, those in finance and speculators.

Blue Sapphire Hoop Earrings


Excellent for rulers and leaders and whose who need to exercise strength over others. It maintains dominance.

Ruby Mother Watch For Men

Ruby Pendant For Girls


Good for mental peace and to control anger and mood swings.

Pearl Necklace For Girls

Pearl Ring For Boys

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