Nasir Khan Jan Is Trolling Moammar Rana & Social Media Wants to Know who Manages His Account

For these of you who may also no longer recognize this, Moammar Rana is an actor and director who has remained an extensive figure in Lollywood at some stage in the course of his career. I trust he’s been around considering 1996, which – WOW – is about 23 years – and that’s a long time!

Anyway, why am I all at once talking about him? Well, that’s where apna boi Nasir Khan Jan comes in. See, he’s a bit of a troll on Twitter. No tea, no shade, however it’s true. He likes to troll people lower back or he posts stuff about his excellent pal Donald Trump – you know, harmless stuff. I don’t assume he’s ever been mean.

Therefore, when he posted a tweet alongside a photo with Moammar Rana, I was amazed because of how it began and how it ended.

It’s nonetheless no longer mean…I suppose? I mean, it’s intended to be funny; however who is aware of – maybe it offends Moammar Rana and his fans. Perhaps if I used to be a die-hard fan, I’d be offended. However, if humans DID take offense, it didn’t stop Nasir Khan Jan.

In fact, he posted every other tweet, asking: “Who is greater beautiful?”

This garnered a lot of reactions from his fans. From humans laughing at his joke, to people siding with him in his mini beauty poll, the tweets managed to obtain some attention. Consequently, in the same vein, NKJ posted a tweet about how he made Moammar Rana famous.

Keeping all of this in mind, I have some questions:

Who is going for walks this account?

Why are they so savage?

How do they come up with their captions?

Is this a paid job?

Where Nasir Khan Jan is presently and what is he doing? Because he’s posting a lot of pics from what looks like a stage – nearly as if he’s rehearsing for something.

Let’s hope Moammar Rana takes this lightly and this doesn’t end up an issue. What do you think about this?

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