Nasir Khan Jan Getting High Support From Internet For Being Disrespected In Samaa TV Show

We go over numerous individuals regularly who may not have indistinguishable qualities from us, or be as keen as us. Nonetheless, that does not give anybody the privilege to menace them by welcoming them on their show.

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Mohammad Shuaeb, a network program host of Sama Tv, conversed with Nasir in the most embarrassing tone. The web based life performer Nasir, took a stab at disclosing his point to which the host continued scorning him. Putting somebody down may never make you the greater individual. In the event that anything, this conduct appeared to be completely amateurish from the opposite end. Nasir developed as the greater individual.

This is entirely disgraceful – I realize morning demonstrates are not doing great on most channels, yet this one on Samaa takes the cake – welcomes a visitor just to affront him – duplicating this from Arnab Goswami I assume who has consummated it to a workmanship – credit to Nasir Khan Jan who kept his cool.


Afterward, the host took to Twitter to share his position and stated, “I regard analysis and quiet is my best reaction. Watch total show, Live session thereafter and after that pursue haters.” Calling somebody to your show and insulting them, much more terrible yelling at them, isn’t the substance that ought to be advanced.

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