Mohsin Abbas’ ex-wife Fatema took to social media to rubbish the allegations, terming the video inappropriate and fake.

Mohsin Abbas Haider’s ex-wife Fatema Sohail has become the latest victim of cyber bullying after an alleged leaked video has been circulated on social media.

The video contains intimate content, featuring a woman, who is the social media believes is Fatema, with an unidentified man. At the same time, there are speculations that the leaked video is an attempt to defame Fatema’s character. However, Fatema has clarified that the woman in the video is someone else and not her.

Reacting to the leaked video, Fatema said that the video is fake and she is not the woman in it. She further said that she has approached FIA and an investigation is being conducted that will expose the culprits soon. In an interview, she also indirectly blamed ex-husband Mohsin for leaking the video, without naming it.



Upon the filing of the complaint, FIA has taken down the objectionable video from various social media platforms.

After Fatema accused Mohsin of domestic abuse and cheating on her, she filed for khula from Mohsin. A Lahore family court had approved the former’s request for khula and issued the verdict effective immediately.

She is currently associated with a private news channel where she is hosting a game show.

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