Mohsin Abbas Haider Denies Domestic Violence Allegations on Him in a Recent Press Conference

After staying silent for a long time, finally Mohsin Abbas Haider has come forward with his own side of the statement stance on terms of allegations of the domestic violence by the side of his wife. One night on 20th July 2019, suddenly Mohsin Abbas wife posted on her social media account about how the actor has been so brutal harsh with her and used to beat her as well. She even put allegations on the actor that he has been involved in a relationship with someone else besides being into marriage relation.

This sudden allegation has surprised so many of the celebrities who had worked with the actor before and had never seen this side of the personality.  The actor has been so much silent till now and all the social media fans who praise him so much for his acting skills has been waiting around to learn about the story of his side for a long time.


But now after staying silent here we have Mohsin Abbas haider new release conference for you where he is putting his side of the story: check this out!

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