Men’s Formal Wear For A Formal Meeting

Dressing and body language leaves a profound image on the minds of others especially when you are presenting yourself in a meeting a conference
Few points that Men should keep in mind before dressing up for a formal meeting are;

A professional person knows the importance of what he wears because dress determines his overall personality. A suit/ blazer or a coat looks best when you are going for a formal dinner. Don’t forget to wear a “TIE.” It makes you look professional and mannered. When going for an informal meeting, you can wear jeans BUT for a formal meeting, wear a DRESS PANT. Also keep in mind the latest fashion trends

Man’s suit- formal wear for a formal meeting
Long hair, pony tails etc doesn’t look good on Men especially when they have to dress up for a formal meeting. You can wear these hairstyles at a family get together or a party. But for a formal meeting, make sure your hair is properly cut and is not too long to make you look unprofessional and ill-mannered. Avoid using excess Oil or hair Gel because they make your hair look oily.

Proper hairstyle for a formal meeting
Make sure you shave your beard properly before going for a meeting. It is suitable that you shave 2-3 hours before leaving for the meeting to avoid light shave on your face which looks very unprofessional and shows your carelessness

Never wear Joggers or sandals to a meeting. Even if the meeting is not in the office premises, it is still a meeting and for that you have to formal and professional. Black or brown boots/shoes look perfect for a formal wear. Make sure you polish your shoes so they look shinny and new



Always wear a watch to make sure you are always on time. Don’t go for fancy watches, wear a decent one. Also, avoid wearing bands, rings, earrings etc. they don’t leave a good impression on others

Watch – must for a meeting
Size of bag should be according to the amount of things you want to carry, to make sure you can place everything easily in the bag including the necessary documents, files and laptop etc.

Perfectly shining shoes for a formal meeting
Last and the most important element is CONFIDENCE, Never leave your confidence behind. Confidence with a smile on your face adds a double charm to your charisma 🙂

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