Ladies Formal Wear For A Formal Meeting/ Dinner

For all those working women out there, want to know the perfect getup for a formal dinner/meeting? Here are the answers for your problems

The perfect getup for a formal dinner or meeting includes the following things that one should consider

Deciding a dress for a formal night is a bit time consuming BUT to save your time, we’re here with the tips; a formal wear includes dresses which are Decent and Elegant. Don’t go for awkward and bright colors that create distractions for you and others. If you would like to wear something with embroidery work, go for light embroidery. This will leave a delicate and formal impact making you look gorgeous and professional at the same time. Always keep in mind the latest fashion trends to make sure that you look up to the mark (like, now-a-days, churidaar pants are “in”)

Formal wear for a formal Meeting

DO NOT wear too much makeup; you’re not going for a weeding or a party. For a formal meeting, you should look professional. Light makeup looks just the right choice for a formal dinner, use light lip stick, lighter tone compact powder, light eye shadow etc

Light Makeup for a formal meeting

Hairstyle choice differs according to the length of your hair. If your hair are long and thick, avoid leaving them free, wear a pony, a braid, or a puff. This would look perfect and decent as well. But if you hair are short and thin, you can set them free or wear a decent hair band complimenting with your dress color


Short hairstyle with Hairband

Long hair tied up with ponytail


Always remember, a formal dinner is not a friendly party or get together. Wearing heavy jewellery will leave an unprofessional look on others. 80% of the pacts or meetings are signed by the judgment of your looks, your body language and your gestures. If you are uncomfortable in those heavy jewellery, your focus will be more on the jewellery rather than the meeting. So wear light, elegant and decent jewelleries. Choose the right choice of decent bangles, rings and watch according latest fashion trends in Pakistan (or for the country where the meeting is being held)

Decent hand bangle for a formal meeting


The choice of handbag depends on the type of dress you’re wearing. But as you are going for a formal meeting/dinner, large handbags will be the right choice for you! As you will be able to put all your belongings (documents, files, laptop, cell phone etc) inside the bag and walk care free without the risk of losing or forgetting important documents for the meeting

Perfect Handbag to carry your essentials

Light perfume is the perfect choice for a formal dinner. Always keep in mind that whatever you like is also liked by others. So to minimize the risk of being humiliated or leaving a negative image on others, use a lighter perfume.

Light perfume for a formal night

Even if you’re dressed perfectly with the right choice of jewellery and makeup, you are still not complete without the right choice of shoes. Wearing a chapal with no heels might leave a negative image on others. Try wearing medium heels to look professional. In outside countries, professional women wear high heels on jobs with the right choice of dress.

Medium sized heels – perfect for a formal meeting

The Correct choice of dress, makeup, jewellery, perfume, handbag and shoes are not just enough for you to win the hearts of other colleagues and your boss, THE WAY YOU CARRY THESE THINGS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT. After all, Style depends on how you carry it 🙂

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