Mehwish Pays surprise visit to Hockey stadium & Announced to Support the Revival of Hockey Sports in Pakistan

Aiming to increase voice for Pakistan’s overlooked country wide sport, hockey, renowned movie celebrity Mehwish Hayat on Friday nighttime paid a surprise visit to the Abdul Sattar Hockey Stadium to witness the ongoing fits of the National Hockey Championship.

Mehwish arrived at the stadium with her brother, stunning everyone, which includes players and tournament officials. The ‘Gangster Guriya’ of the film ‘Baji’ was welcomed at the stadium by means of Hanif Khan, Iftekhar Saeed, and Haider Hussain, who briefed her about the ongoing championship.

Mehwish also met players and coaches collaborating in the tournament, asking if they needed any support. Former Pakistan captain Rehan Butt cautioned that showbiz stars should give hockey players an equal amount of significance as they give to cricketers.


Actress Mehwish said:

“We speak a lot about cricket. We must realize that we have received extra titles in hockey than in cricket. We have received four World Cups and three Olympic titles”.  “We are too much centered on cricket. Hockey desires our focus as well”.

Mehwish was once additionally nicely knowledgeable about the records and decline of Pakistan hockey, and, probably that is why she opted to guide the game. The award-winning artist agreed that showbiz celebrities need to play a position to assist all the ignored sports via highlighting the achievements on their respective forums.

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