Mehwish Hayat’s Transformation Pictures and Huda Kattan

Mehwish Hayat has transformed a great deal when you compare her with how she looked when she entered the showbiz industry. Mehwish Hayat’s looks have undergone a massive makeovers and it is plain to see that Mehwish got plenty of surgeries done to look more attractive. Mehwish was always a confident woman who wanted to make it big in the industry. She has made a big name for herself in a short span of time. She very often is in the middle of controversies as well but she is not afraid of what people say. Mehwish Hayat faced a lot of criticism when she received Tamgha-e-Imtiaz but she did not let this criticism stand in her way. She was seen contributing locally and internationally to social welfare apart from excelling in her own field. Mehwish Hayat’s critics became her fans and even now Mehwish blames people’s mindset more than her own action for not accepting what showbiz personalities do in the name of entertainment.

Mehwish Hayat’s Surgeries

Mehwish Hayat, like many other Pakistani celebrities has changed her looks to look more attractive. When Mehwish Hayat joined the industry she looked entirely different from how she looks today. Here is a before and after picture which shows clearly that Mehwish Hayat turned to surgery to fit in to the modern definition of beauty. Mehwish Hayat firstly changed the appearance of her looks through a relatively common and simpler cosmetic procedure. When she entered the industry her lips were not as conspicuous as they are now, something which is really obvious in these two before and after pictures.

Big lips are in fashion which is why most celebrities nowadays get lip fillers. This is a trend which is followed globally and clearly Pakistani celebrities are not lagging behind. The change in Mehwish Hayat’s looks after getting these lip fillers wasn’t too dramatic and the real transformation came when Mehwish Hayat decided to get fillers injected in her cheeks as well. This is another procedure which is relatively common. Through this procedure the cheeks are lifted and this gives the face a more chiseled and defined look.

Mehwish Hayat had a skinny face which most often is the case when someone is as smart as Mehwish is. If we look at the before and after pictures it is apparent that Mehwish Hayat got cheek fillers to make her cheek bones high. This surgery changed the appearance of Mehwish Hayat’s face altogether and was a game changer.


Mehwish Hayat and Huda Kattan

When Mehwish Hayat was in New York promoting her film Punjab Nahi Jaungi, she was given some of her best make-up looks by one of the leading make-up artists there who has also given Nargis Fakhri some of her most amazing makeovers. In these makeovers, the make-up artist used Huda Beauty products and some of the looks Mehwish sported in these promotions made her look a lot like Huda Kattan. Huda Kattan too is continuously changing her look and she also gets cosmetic surgery done on regular basis. Whether Mehwish Hayat made her look like Huda on purpose or not, she sure did look a lot like her. Huda Kattan is a big name in the cosmetic industry. Anyone who follows her will know that Huda didn’t always look like this. Just like Mehwish she too worked on herself and even now she gets cosmetic surgeries done to look younger and more attractive.


Later on in Mehwish Hayat’s web series Enaaya Mehwish Hayat’s overall makeover once again made her resemblance with Huda Kattan even more obvious. While Huda wears heavier eyelashes, Mehwish prefers eyelashes which look natural but if we look at these two then in some pictures this resemblance is too striking. These pictures here are a proof of that.

When Mehwish Hayat was getting these makeovers done in New York some of the blogs even posted news pieces saying that Mehwish and Huda might be working in some capacity together but that never materialized. This turned out to be a rumor but this rumor only started because Mehwish’s make-up artist drover a great deal of inspiration from Huda Kattan. These pictures of Mehwish Hayat and Huda Kattan prove just that!

Few More Before and After Pictures 

It took a lot of experimenting for Mehwish Hayat to get to the point she is today. It started with experimenting with different colors of lenses, then make-up looks and eventually with the right kind of hairstyles. It can safely be said that Mehwish Hayat has taken some inspiration from Huda Kattan which does not come as a surprise since these two do look similar after getting the cosmetic surgeries done. While Huda Kattan openly accepts the fact that she gets these procedures done, Mehwish Hayat has never talked about it for obvious reasons.

Here are few more pictures of Mehwish Hayat before and after the surgery which make it quite clear that Mehwish Hayat definitely got these procedures done and she has greatly changed her styling over the years.

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