Kubra Khan Looks Super Pretty In This Stunning Dress

From the second day, the famous British-Pakistani actress Kubra Khan conquered the hearts of fans with Eid al-Fitr. Kubra Khan Looks Super Pretty In This Stunning Dress, On Instagram, the actress shared a few beautiful photos with cream, embroidered long Maxy and nude makeup. She stared at herself with heavy earrings.

Kubra Khan Looks Super Pretty In This Stunning Dress

When fans admired the eternal beauty of Kubra, the post aroused fans’ love.

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Earlier, in a show called “BOL Night with Ahsan Khan” by BOL Entertainment, a question was posed to Kubra Khan.

The host Ahsan Khan asked Kubra if he ever thought he was working in the wrong field.

In answering the question, Cobra said: “Yes! I can say that this is a spiritual awakening because I am in an inappropriate field. But I will try to balance myself until I can’t afford to go there. So far.”

She went on to say that I have always dreamed of working in such an industry, in this industry, even in a small town, people know you, every festival is celebrated with many celebrities, and everyone is well-known.

She continued to answer her own questions and said: “Nevertheless, I still love my art, but it adds to the field. I never enhance the charm and attraction around me, but celebrities become public property, which is what I have for the showbiz Where the field is not satisfied.”

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