Mehwish Hayat Stops the audience Heartbeats With the Song ‘Chirrya’

Mehwish hayat with no doubt is a leading film actress and takes over the huge screen by means of a typhoon. She has produced mega hits like JPNA and punjab nahi jaungi and has been appreciated for her acting talents! Mehwish’s song billi from na maloom afraad became stated to be a whole sizzler and an item song that titled mehwish as the dancing queen.

She now features inside the music chirriya and the song are quite lots same like her song billi. Previously, the billi famous person mentioned her music chirriya and said, “chirriya is a top notch song i suppose it’s the type of song in order to be played in weddings, radios, parties, and motors all the time. There is lots of hook in that track.”

The track could be very happening and could absolutely make you listen to it twice! Mehwish’s attire could be very colourful and adds the necessary pop to the music. Speakme about the backdrop, it’s pretty plenty the same as billi.


The song capabilities mehwish dancing on a level installation in a local mela. She taps the floor with the jingling anklets and remains the center of enchantment in a huge crowd of men, at some stage in the track. Mehwish is also visible flying excessive within the sky with her stunning dress putting down with so many colours on it and this portrays the concept of the music chirriya.

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