Ayesha Omar Opens Up About Not Casted In Karachi Se Lahore 3

It would not be wrong to say that Karachi se Lahore film has definitely come across as the revival of the Pakistan cinema and this film has made a benchmark success for rest of the coming films. Therefore, the sequel of this film has always remained the main center of attraction for the audience to watch out for.

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Wajahat Rauf has announced the arrival of Karachi se Lahore 3 with the new fresh cast members that is expected to be released on Eid ul Fitr 2019. The new cast will have the faces of Asad Siddqui, Yasir Hussain, Mehwish Hayat, Zara Noor Abbas till now. Rest of the changes can further be made that are not yet unveiled out.


As per according to the sources, Ayesha Omar will not be part of the film. While questioning about it, the actress unveiled that she has read the script, but she did not find the script up to the mark to work on it. She did not find her acting margin enough so she refused to do the film. Wajahat Rauf is a good friend of Ayesha Omar and he is still thinking about casting Ayesha Omar by making some changes in the script.

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