Mehwish Hayat Shares a Thankful Message for “Gangster Guriya” Background Dancers & The Social Media Is Getting High

Mehwish Hayat is one of Pakistan’s most popular actresses, and recently, her music Gangster Guriya in the movie Baaji, has been in the information a lot extra than usual. The Tamgha-e-Imtiaz winner’s music took the internet by way of storm, portraying her as a fierce discerns who went for something she wanted. Since it used to be pretty unique from what we are commonly used to seeing, it managed to garner a lot of attention.

Recently, the ‘gangster guriya’ herself took to Instagram to thank her again up dancers in an appreciation post that spoke to their dedication and challenging work to her project.

The picture is a behind-the-scenes shot from the song, in which she appears gorgeous in a yellow dress, additionally viewed in the track video, and is posing with 5 of her colleagues, who are current besides shirts behind the digital camera in the course of what looks like the shoot.

Mehwish stated that she admires the ‘braveness and fortitude’ of her team, who caught with her in freezing climate sporting nothing but pants.

She pointed out that the dancers were trembling all night time due to the fact of the cold and that she felt very terrible for them and would like to recognize their braveness. She also expressed that the target market regularly does no longer see the extents to which entertainers have to go in order to get a precise shot.

Her whole publish reads:

“One has to admire the braveness and fortitude of these guys. It used to be a freezing evening shoot and my hunky aiding artistes took it all in their stride when asked to whip off their shirts for these shots. I felt so sorry for each of them – they had been actually shaking with [the] cold all night. The audiences will by no means understand what we have to endure in the pursuit of their entertainment. ”

Mehwish makes a really exact point, and it was once satisfactory to see any one with so much influence apprehend the efforts of human beings that are in any other case continually in the backgrounds.


And as expected, the Pakistani net did now not obtain this post with the motive that it was intended for. People were quick to troll Mehwish and the ghairat brigade discovered yet another possibility to lash out.


For some reason, alternatively than appreciating Mehwish’s gesture, humans made this about ‘hayaa’ and ‘ghairat’ and started steerage away from what was once certainly intended to be said. Instead of recognizing and appreciating her team, humans were only targeted on how besharam it was once for her to be standing among humans of the opposite gender.

People appear to be extremely good centered about how ‘vulgar’ a shot of her and her colleagues was, and many came for her statement about the efforts that go into entertainment media.

This one lad had quite an opinion on how Mehwish used to be making him badnaam by means of being one of the most iconic ladies in the country. He claimed that she put in this a lot effort into her projects for money, and now not to entertain the public.

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