Mehwish Hayat Looks More Glamorous, Fans Say

Mehwish Hayat is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous actresses of Pakistan. She has always been known for her remarkable and graceful acting style, as well as talent and top notch skills.

Mehwish Hayat looks glamorous

Without any doubt, we would like to say that Mehwish Hayat looks glamorous day by day. According to her fans, she has well maintained her figure, and is now looking appealing. She has been a gorgeous and hot Pakistani actress.

Recently Mehwish Hayat shot for the famous fashion designer of Pakistan Fahad Hussain. Her dresses were all appealing enough, making Mehwish Hayat look fabulous.

Actress and Model Mehwish Hayat

Actress and model Mehwish Hayat looks stunning in a recent shoot for Akif Ilyas in which she had worn the impeccable Fahad Hussain.

First of all she was seen wearing gold silk gown cinched at the waist and the gorgeous contoured look accents her high cheekbones. The dress was somewhat nude, but this was made prettier than ever when Mehwish used a graceful and attractive lipstick that made her lips look luscious.

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Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish Hayat has been more into fashion as compared to television. We can expect that this adorable lady of Pakistan would not cross her limits. Mehwish Hayat really needs to amend her ways to some extent. This is due to the reason that the lady has always looked nude and hot. She recently did an item song for a Pakistani movie for which she was admired. But I feel that such things need not to be promoted in our religious country, Pakistan.

Ladies like Mehwish Hayat etc. should remember that we are Pakistanis, Muslims, and have to follow the certain rules of our beloved Allah. I believe the government should take action against such things. What do you say?

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