Meesha Shafi Refused To Be The Part Of LSA Nomination

An entirely different discussion occurred as model Emaan Suleman boycotted the LSAs as she didn’t feel ideal to be named with a supposed harasser. She communicated her emotions about the circumstance via web-based networking media. Presently, two others have accepted the comparable course as the brand Generation and Makeup Artist Saima Bargfrede likewise step back from the LSAs.

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Meesha Shafi is recently the new name on the list who has stood firm among the continuous Me Too development on the planet. She turned out about a circumstance and transparently disclosed to her story. She was additionally nominated at the LSA 2019 for her tune Mein. She has additionally step down now and she expressed gratitude toward Eman Suleman just as Saima Bargfrede and Generation.  She stated that:


This is the third artists from the entertainment world who step back from the LSAs nomination as there has been no official announcement from the LSAs after the ongoing back outs. We should perceive how it goes!  So many controversies are being attached with LSA 2019 this year and we really hope the awards turned out to be a night full of entertainment and fun for the audience.

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