Main Side Effects Of Fish Oil

Do you what are the main side effects of fish oil? Well we all know that Fish oil is all enriched with the Omega 3 fatty acids and this is the main reason that it is eaten by large number of people. It can appear as excellent food for the people who are trying hard to shed their pounds. But at the same time some of the people are not much aware from the made side affects of the fish oil to the human body.

Main Side Effects Of Fish Oil

Main Side Effects Of Fish Oil

Below we will going to discuss in detail some of the major and top disadvantages of fish oil for the body:

1. Fish Burps:

This is one of the most common side effects that is linked with fish oil. This is mainly because of the reason that as soon as you will be eating fish oil you will be feeling that your digestive system is all acting in an unfriendly way. It will going to triggers unwanted gas in the tummy.

2. Danger Of Metal Poisoning:

Fish oil gives away the huge risk of the metal poisoning as well that can bring out great sum of damage to heart and liver as well. It contains high amount of mercury.

3. Heartburns:

Fish oil even give away upsetting feeling to the digestive system as well. It can leave back the problems of heart burns and acid reflux. It can be accountable in upsetting your digestive system.


4. Loose Stools:

You should be consuming the fish oil carefully otherwise it will going to lead you to the problems of loose stools as well. Don’t make the choice of buying cheap fish oil supplements just for saving money.

5. Weight Gain:

Maximum number of people find the weight gain just because of the fish oil. It can just be possible if you are using with low quality supplement.

6. Abdominal Cramps:

Fish oil can even cause the problems of abdominal cramps as well. It can leave some negative impacts on the digestive system that can even cause the problem of gas as well.

7. Threat Of Hemorrhage:

Fish oil even leaves you back at the risk of facing hemorrhaging as well. It will going to force you to experience the blood-tinted urine, nose bleeding, and even hemorrhagic stroke.

8. Avoid High Levels Of Vitamins:

Fish oil is all added with the enrichment of Vitamin A and Vitamin D but you should be avoiding taking all such vitamins. Its excessive consumption can effects the body internal system.

9. High Level of Blood Glucose:

Sometimes high level of glucose can disturb the inner system of body as well. If in case you are a diabetic patient then it is advised that you should stay away from fish oil by all means.

So these were some of the main disadvantages of fish oil! Make sure that if you want to keep yourself away from all such health problems then stop eating fish oil right now.

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