Lylak 2011-12 Embroidered Eid Party Wear Designs

Lylak Designs is a fashion label that caters to the modern woman who wants to bring a unique blend of style to her wardrobe. Smart casual luxury line with a bohemian touch inspired by all things. This collection consists of Smart and classy party wear which you can carry from a get together to a wedding with the right mix of accessories. This is for the one who wants to have an undeniable edge to her wardrobe.

Check out the collection

 Lylak Designs 2011-2012 black and white

 Lylak Designs 2011-2012 red

Lylak Designs 2011-2012 cream



Lylak Designs 2011-2012 purple

Lylak Designs 2011-2012 pink

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