Pakistani Actress Nirma Pictures and Profile

When we talk about Pakistani film industry one of the name that always comes to our mind is Nirma. She is one of the best talents the industry has produced so far. Despite having an inherent  and inborn talent for acting, she is very devoted and passionate about her work. And this candor attitudes of her’s towards her work is one major reason behind her success. 

Pakistani Actress Nirma’s Career

Nirma was born on 21 July 1974 in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. Though she lived most of her early life in Kuwait. But once she completed her Bachelors, she returned to native country i.e. Pakistan. Nirma started off her career as a model in the year 1996, and from there she got a chance to act in a television drama. Her first play named “Ranjish” received a very positive response from audience. Even her second drama “Do Chand” was also one of the hits of that time. And due to the popularity she gained through drama, a well know Pakistani director Ejaz Durrani offered Nirma a role in his movie “Bazigar” which was released in 1996. Her debut film was like a lucky charm for her and after that she worked in countless Urdu and Punjabi films.She is a very famous Punjabi actress.

Pakistani Actress Nirma Pictures and Profile

Some of her popular and famous movies include  ‘Babul Da Wera,’Laaj’, ‘Shararat’, ‘Qarz’, ‘Behram Daku’. She is also know for her talents in dancing.She is considered to be one of the Pakistani best dancer. Even the popular producers and directors like Syed Noor hold her in high esteems.  Apart from movies, she has also regularly appeared in Punjabi stage dramas. She has also acted in some music videos. Indian singer Daler Mehndi is also known to have approached her for his videos. Nirma has also established herself as an ace model.Name of some of her movies are listed below.

  • Bazigar 1996.
  • Aashqi Khel Nahin 1997.
  • Dream Girl 1997.
  • Raja Pakistani 1997.
  • Qarz 1997.
  • Nikah 1998.
  • Dil Main Chhupa Ke Rakhna 1999.
  • Aik Aur Love Story 1999.
  • Ghaddar 1999.
  • Angaray 2000.
  • No Paisa No Problem 2000.
  • Kahan Hai Qanoon 2000.


In October 2012, Nimra name was involved in sex scandal. Nimra was arrested as she was caught indulging in an orgy while being in a guest’s house. Nirma was not alone as there were several other girls in the house. The actress was completely drunk and sent to jail later.

Pakistani Actress Nirma’s Personal Life

Nirma was more close to her father then she was to her mother, and the death of her father was like a big shock and trauma for her. She use to call her father the DARLING DAD, and she to the present date isn’t able to get over the fact that her beloved father is no longer with her. Despite the hardships she has gone through, she still is a successful person and she plans to remain so too. Outside the showbiz life, she is known as a simple person who prefers being casual rather than being glamorous all the time.She has a fantastic luminous smile, radiant skin, glossy hair, a chiseled visage and a sunny personality to boot.



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