List Of Pakistani Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

It is not hence to be the secret anymore that the celebrities all as around the world especially in Bollywood rely a lot on numerology in order. This is just because as to reach over o the certain level of success that they dream of.  Over the time we have seen so many well known celebrities who tweaked with the spellings because after a certain point in their careers they gave in to the temptation of numerology. This trend has made its way in Pakistan entertainment industry as well. Many of the present actresses who started their career from modelling and acting in dramas also did so. Saba Qamar, Maya Ali, Kubra Khan and others changed their screen names.

List Of Pakistani Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

So, let’s check out with the huge graph of all those celebrities who tweaked with their names for fame and find out brought anything good within them:

From Humaima Malik to Humaima Malick

When she was Humaima Malik, she somehow got the massive medium of the opportunity to work in Bol as which is obviously one such movie which was watched by the masses. She hence gain a lot of popularity through it. But since the time she become Humaima Malick, not only she is nowhere to be seen but she landed herself a movie like Raja Natwarlal that was a flop.

From Mawra Hussain to Mawra Hocane

Mawra has time and again given out with the childish reasons that in class 6th, just because she just as wanted to stand out she changed her name. She is all dependence on PR Team to stay in the limelight, as on her her Instagram following which as takes pride in or be it her flop movie Sanam Teri Kasam which she would defend left, right and center.


From Urwa Hussain to Urwa Hocane


She got the massive success from the drama serial Udaari as that too which she got after being associated with the industry for a long time. Just because for the reason that Mawra told her sister to change her name, Urwa said she did it which again is something that we are not at all buying. The fact that both the Hocane Sisters have invested so much effort in PR activities just as to goes to show that they really take attaining fame.

From Sajal Ali to Sajal Aly

There is no arguing behind the fact tha fact that Sajal Ali has always been a phenomenal actress right from the past few years. But Sajal’s career did not take off in any way after changing the I to Y just as because at the end of the day.  Sajal has a fan following and it is even more annoying to see her fans also redesigning their phonics and alphabets by following her lead!

From Sonia Hussain to Sonya Hussyn

Sonia Hussain has been all the way around for a really long time and she is a great actress as well. But somehow she still hasn’t acquired the kind of position in the industry which many other well known actresses who joined showbiz after her.  Sonia Hussain did not only replace one I in her name with Y but she went “the extra mile”.

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