List Of Most Loved Actors In 2017

The year of 2017, did welcome so many of the serials with the best acting performances. In all those serials, there were some of the dramas that give out some of the actors and actresses with the chance to present out their best of the inside performances. Right below we will be listing down the best and most loved actors in 2017.

List Of Most Loved Actors In 2017

1. Ahad Raza Mir:

On the top of the list we have the name of Ahad Raza Mir who is the son of legendary actor Asif Raza Mir. He has made his special place in the hearts of millions of people with his strong and special appearance in the serial, Yaqeen Ka Safar. This serial and his role in the serial did give him the chance to enter in the industry wanting to carve an identity for himself.

2. Sami Khan:

In the 2nd spot of the list we have the name of TV actor Sami Khan! Sami Khan has proved out to be the best in performing versatile role with the drama serial Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua. Although the serial is not so popular now, but his character is much a lot likable all over the viewers.

3. Bilal Abbas Khan:



With the passage of time, actor Bilal Abbas Khan is becoming one of the most talked about actors on the TV. He was the part of one of the best drama serials this year and hence showcase out the best skills and win so many of the hearts. He is no doubt one of the growing future actors.

4. Kubra Khan:

On the 4th spot, we would bring out the name of actress Kubra Khan who has impressed so many of the fans with his excellent acting performances. She was the best part of the super-hit and most-watched dramas after another like Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Muqabil, Andaz-e-Sitam and Alif Allah Aur Insan. She has definitely emerged as a Star of Pakistani drama industry.

5. Nauman Ejaz:

On the 5th spot, we would add the name of actor Nauman Ejaz who is always worth mentioning for his role performances. He is always amazing with his acting skills. He unveil out his brilliant acting skills with the character like Gulistan Khan in Sang e Marmar or that of Peer Habibullah in Dumpukht, a sophisticated businessman in Khan or a strict father in O Rangreza.

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