Latest Trend of Wearing fashionable Anklets or Payal

Today women wants to try every little trendy piece of jewellery that comes in a market. One of them is latest trend of wearing fashionable and stylish anklets/payal/toe bracelets. Anklets beautify women feet even more. In olden times anklets/pazeeb were supposed to wear by only married women. Women who belongs to high status used to wear payal decorated with precious beads, gold and sometimes hooked with toe ring. Today even high school and college going girls loved to wear cute colorful anklet especially the silver ones which produce no sound. Anklets gives a very fashionable look with capries, skirt and jeans. So girls do not waste your time wear beautiful fun looking anklet and increase charm of your personality 😉

 Latest anklet fashion or toe bracelets 2011

 fashion jewellery for women

 silver anklet                                                                                            stylish payal fashion


gold designer payal

 Pakistani fashion of anklet for girls


 anklet with toe ring                                                                      beautiful white anklet with toe ring

Latest fashion trend for girls 2011

 stunning silver payal collection

 Gold payal/ pazeeb


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