Junoon All Is Back to Release a New Song After 15 Years

Its a well known fact that Junoon is the most adored and universally prestigious band of Pakistan. Since the 90s, Junoon has been the pioneer of Sufi shake in our music industry. It was not only a band, it was a marvel and keeps on being. It enlivened numerous performers and craftsmen to pursue their strides. The band individuals, Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat and Brian O’Connell, were revered by the music sweethearts. Their tunes, Sayonee, Jazba Junoon, Yaar Bina turned into the songs of devotion of the 90s. Regardless of their impermanent separation in 2008, every one of the three band individuals proceeded with their own melodic adventures and kept the memory of Junoon alive.

Recently, each of the three band individuals from Junoon made an official declaration of their new venture. In a video cut transferred on different online life stages, Junoon uncovered that they will discharge a melody soon which will be to help Pakistan cricket group in World Cup 2019. While Salman Ahmed said that this melody will be for the solidarity of Pakistan and to support the resolve of our cricket group, Ali Azmat referenced this is for every one of the Pakistanis, particularly the individuals who are minimized.


Beforehand, Junoon discharged the notorious, Jazba Junoon, in 1996, which turned into the serenade of the country. It has been a long time from that point forward and by and by, Junoon will discharge the song of praise for the cricket world container.

After this news, the fans and aficionados of cricket, music and explicitly, Junoon, have celebrated. While the expectation for the world glass is expanding step by step, a vigorous song of praise by Junoon would be wonderful finish.

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