It was never my job to work in Bollywood: Mahira Khan

Pakistan’s new actress, Mahira Khan, talked about scandals in BBC’s Hard Talk.

Remember that recently images of Maheera Khan and Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor were wired on social media, which showed smoking with Mooda Khan Ranbir.

Speaking on a hard talk, Moda said that smoking pictures were the first time in her career when she had to face a scandal.

‘It was very strange because it had many aspects. One is in trouble with you because you are celebrating your holidays in your style and someone draws your photo. ‘

He added, “The second aspect of this was that I am Pakistan’s personality on one side which has a lot of love in Pakistan, and on the other side, Pakistan does not like to see what I do. And I did not guess that. It became a national issue and it was discussed for a long time even on TV programs. ”




Will Mahira ever leave Pakistan?

Mahira Khan tweeted about her film ‘Anya’ in which she said that everything in this movie was a fun because it is difficult to tell and show the truth. And what is shown in this movie is nothing compared to what is happening in our society. ‘

After this tweet they were truncated and even said that if they have such problems from the society, leave Pakistan and go to India.

Talking about quitting Pakistan in Hard Talk, Maheeda said that she did not think about leaving Pakistan.

‘I can not leave (Pakistan). This is my home. I have a country. I do not think I can hear a story better than Pakistan and Pakistanis. Who will tell these stories? ‘

It is not my purpose to work in Bollywood.

“I never had to work in Bollywood,” said Maeha Khan, in a reply to a question about her career in Bollywood. I could have done some more movies in Bollywood, but soon after the movie chief, the shooting of the movie ora started. My Focus was always Pakistan. ‘

He said that he was sorry for not being released by the film director in Pakistan because he wanted to sit with his friends, his son and all movie banks and wanted to see the movie.




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