In Your Opinion Who Look More Beautiful in Saree?

It was hard for us to declare anyone the winner or the prettier but now we leave this onto you to decide, We’ll wait for your comments.

Showbiz is all about fashion and trends but there are some trends which never fads and again the credit goes to our celebrities. Saree fashion is something like that never goes out of the fashion and trend gossips. Almost in every function or event we can see some of the celebrity wearing the traditional Indian styled or Pakistani Nawabi Styled Saree.

Yes! Pakistani Nawabi Styled Saree is the term you would have never heard before but if you will peek through the pages of fashion and style history and dressing culture, you will find out that Saree is not traditional hindu styled. The trend of stitched and embroidered saree style was introduced by the Muslim Nawab Females. Those Nawab Begums used to wear golden and silver saree with gota kinari and traditional embroidery accessorized with lots of jewelry.


In Your Opinion Who Look More Beautiful in Saree

Well that’s enough from the history, let’s come back to our news which we almost forgot in our historical discussion. Recently three of our famous celebrities appeared in Golden Saree in different showbiz events. One if our senior actor and film Star Resham and the other two are our super models and famous TV and Film Star of this age Sarah Khan and Sonya Hussayn. Have a look at them and see who looks more beautiful in golden saree.

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