How to Use Translucent Powder aside from Setting Makeup

How to use translucent powder aside from setting makeup? Ask this question from any professional and well known beauty expert or makeup artist, and you will surely be given a lot of answers. For setting makeup (foundation, blush, concealer, etc.), there’s nothing better than consulting your beauty expert who is likely to give your face the most even, long-lasting, natural-looking finish. Here is how to use translucent powder aside from setting makeup.

Mattify oily lids – how to use translucent powder aside from setting makeup

Apply a bit of concealer at the first hand. Try your best for setting it with translucent powder. If possible for you, feel free to use the application of eye shadow. The powder helps soak up excess oil and makes your eyes look awakened and better than ever.

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Use Translucent Powder


Counteract sweaty palms and feet

The times when you are under extreme pressure and going through stress of how to look beautiful, you need not to ignore the beauty and charm of your palms and feet. Use translucent powder onto these parts of the body. Make sure the powder has been settled well. Its great properties will clear away the rudeness and roughness of the oil and sweat that arises onto the skin every now and then.

Prevent runny eye liner

Stay away from the runny eye liners which are absolutely good for nothing. When you have applied your upper lid, got over with translucent powder and use it with the help of a thin brush. On your bottom lash line, do a line of powder under liner and over it. This is good to keep you look younger and prettier the whole day.

Catch shadow fallout

It is important to remember that when you have done your foundation, don’t forget to dust the powder under the eyes to create a protective feeling.

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