Give your skin perfect Look by Covering common skin Flaws Your Makeup

Do you have an idea about your most common skin flaws? You can hide them by means of following a simple one make technique. These skin flaws are also named as problem spots. These spots and flaws come in the form of dark sports and acne, pimples and dark circles. You can make an appealing difference in your makeup look if you know the technique of hiding these skin flaws and problem spots. Though to treat these flaws, you should go for an acne treatment and you need to drink water. But for a shortcut, you can use a right makeup application strategy and technique. Check out these makeup tricks and hide these skin flaws for yours:

Treating Your Pimples

Pimples as well as scars come in the category of skin flaws and problem spots. You can treat and hide them by using concealers. Go or X-movement and hide these blemishes and dark spots of yours. Your concealer should be two tone lighter than that of your skin tone and complexion. Use your fingers to blend this concealer, dab it on your skin and carefully apply it. This is how pimples and scars can be temporarily removed from your face.


Treating Your Blemishes

This issue of having blemishes also comes in the category of having skin flaws, problem spots. You can hide these blemishes right on temporary basis by using a foundation. Get a soft sponge, put foundation on it and apply that sponge on blemishes areas of your skin. You should use this sponge in a sweeping outward position. Create and make round motions while using this sponge.

Treating Your Acne


If there are some acne marks present on your face then you can hide them and simple make them disappeared for sometime by using a concealer or foundation. Put a little of foundation on that acne spot and blend it. Dab and press foundation on that acne spot. After few seconds, that acne mark will become less visible.

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