How to select a hairstyle?

Hair style must be selected according to your face shape or face cut so that it suits you. Hair style that doesn’t match your face cut doesn’t give you a stunning look. For having a stunning and thrilling look, you should first know about your face cut and make hairstyle accordingly. Here we have list of hairstyles according to different face cut so that you can select hairstyle for yourself easily.

Selection of Hairstyle:-

There are generally six common face cuts:-

For oval face, long loose waves, super short hair, pixie and wavy updos are very suitable hairstyles.Hairstyle for oblong face

For heart face, medium length hair, grown out bob, sleek updos are suitable hairstyles.Hairstyle for heart face


For round face, long curls pulled to the side, curls, short choppy cuts are suitable.Hairstyle for round face


For square face, softly curled bob, loose curls, simple layers, curls outward are suitable.Hairstyle for square face

For oblong face, subtle curls, middle parted natural curls, ethereal waves are very suitable hairstyles.Hairstyle for oblong face

And there are several other hairstyles available which best suit your face. To stay beautiful, it’s not your authority, it’s your responsibility. Analyze your face cut and then decide hairstyle for a good and stunning look.

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