Hairstyle Designs 2013 By Hadiqa Kiani Signature Salon

Hadiqa Kiani has been highlighted as one of the top famous and distinguished singers in Pakistan music industry and hence her name cannot be erased from the music universe. However, after the huge success in the music industry she has now arrived to spell her magic in the fashion industry. Recently, Hadiqa Kiani has opened her salon with the name of Hadiqa Kiani Signature Salon. This salon has been based in Lahore. Hadiqa Kiani has established this salon in 2012 and in just minimum time scale she is enriching her salon with well like responses and appreciations. As we all know that hairstyles are one of the most important parts of the women personality and even make her graceful and elegant. Well keeping this fact in mind Hadiqa Kiani has set up the highlight of some of the most stunning and awesome hairstyle designs 2013.

All the hairstyles that have been captured within the designs have been much tremendous and awe-inspiring. In this article we are posting some of the striking pictures of hairstyle designs 2013 by Hadiqa Kiani Signature Salon. She even deals with the makeup services for all sorts of happenings and marriage ceremonies. As the rates of the salon have been concerned then they have been kept as much affordable and reasonable rated for the women. If the women feel that they can looks sizzling and stunning in these hairstyles then they can get in touch with the Hadiqa Kiani Signature Salon through the below mentioned email address, salon address and contact numbers.

Salon Address: 112 CCA Phase 4, DHA, Lahore

Email Address:


Contact Number: 042-35694375, 042-35694376, 042-5694367

So all the women get ready because Hadiqa Kiani Signature Salon has all entered in the fashion universe and we are user that it will live up to your expectations.

Hairstyle Designs 2013 By Hadiqa Kiani Signature Salon


Few Pictures Of Hairstyles By Hadiqa Kiani Signature Salon

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